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Comparison of Desktop computer, laptop, and tablet

From the era of punching machine cards to tablets, computing has gone through major developments in its size and computing power. Computing has mainly changed for complicated programming and interface language to user-friendly applications. Once operating the computer needed a lot for training and memorize lots of commands to get simple calculations or results but with inventions of Graphic user interface operating the computer was easily possible with somewhat training.

The breakthrough was of personal computer or desktop with this computer which was majorly used for commercial purposes entered in homes and with the rise of the internet every single home started becoming equipped with computers. Now the major problem was carrying data and ease of working anywhere thus the laptop devices were manufactured with a battery backup. Laptops made life easy because of its portability but still carrying them was not so easy due to its weight and limited battery backup and frequently charging problems and this problem was solved by smartphones and tablets due to easy portability ease of charging (power banks…etc.). World communication became easier, faster, and user friendly with these devices.

But every device has limitations over other on basis of it capacity, speed, size, we will compare discuss the same advantages and disadvantages of desktop, laptop, and tablet.


SpaceMainly has CPU, display monitor, keyboard mouse, and other required accessories depending upon the purpose of use. Lots of cables are attached so has a bulky appearance
SpeedThe desktop has More powerful and speedy processors. Due to more space and bigger motherboards has more internal storage and RAM extension capacity. Graphic cards can be easily installed for the ultimate gaming experience. Desktops are easy to upgrade as per our needs.
ScreenAs per user needs a wide variety of screen types can be selected while buying. We can also use our smart TV as a displaying device
Power usageA desktop needs more power at the normal SMPS used in it is 450W or above .the wattage of SMPS depends upon the high wattage components we use in our CPU. Additional UPS is needed to be used if we want to secure desktop from power cuts otherwise direct shutting can harm data on the desktop.
MaintenanceThe desktop is having more space and there are lots of ventilation outlets to protect components from excessive heating but at the same time, lots of dust can easily enter inside CPU through its outlets which can be harmful. Having more space and easy to open desktops can be easily cleaned.
PriceDesktops are more cost-effective than laptops. The desktop price depends upon the components we choose such as processor RAM, graphic cards, Hard disk, and monitor.


SpaceLaptops are portable and their size varies for 12” to 17”, bigger screen laptops are heavier. Laptops  
 generally comes with inbuilt devices such as keyboard webcam mouse etc. Due to portability and lightweight laptops can easily move to different places or while traveling. Nowadays laptop screens can be detached from the base can also be used as a tablet which gives more portability
SpeedThe laptop is embedded with High-speed processors but the processor speed is limited as compared to desktop. A laptop comes with an inbuilt graphic card which normally cannot be upgraded. Laptops are not widely used for gaming and designing purposes due to is speed and graphic limitations. Moreover, laptops are used for commercial and correspondence purposes such as mailing presentations.
ScreenLaptops have very few options for screen size due to its portable nature, generally screen size varies from 12” to 17”. The laptop screen has movement restrictions and cannot be freely moved as desktop.
Power usageAs compared to desktop laptop needs low power due to its components don’t use more power due to their and size, capacity, and functions. Laptops are mainly preferred due to battery. Due to battery backup laptops never turn off on power fluctuations. Laptops with longer battery are more preferred as they can be used free from connecting the mains input sockets.
MaintenanceLaptops generally need less maintenance in terms of opening and cleaning as compared to desktop. But is laptop component fails they are at a very higher side as compared to desktops, repairing costs for laptop is more than desktop.
PriceLaptop prices are on the higher side then desktops depending upon the usage and functionality. Laptop prices also depend upon their looks and weight.


SpaceThe tablet does not come with attached keyboards they have a touch screen as an input device, so the space required by the tablet is very less as compared to can be easily carried in our office bag.
SpeedAs compared to desktop and laptop-tablet comes with low processor speed and graphic options. The table is not used for designing and programming. Tablets are mainly used for internet browsing and entertainment.
Screen sizeTablet standard screen is about 7” to 10”. Screen resolution is somewhat low then desktop and laptop.
Power usageNormally tablet comes with 9-12 hours battery life depending upon the brand and usage of the tablet.
MaintenanceTablet requires low maintenance as it does not contains upgradable parts but as its small in size, it should be carefully handled.
PriceThe cost of tablet varies a lost depending upon brand and compare to the laptop it has a lower price.

As we have seen the table that laptops, desktop, and tablets have different functions and capabilities. They can be purchased not only on size and cost but mainly on the nature of the requirement of the user.