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Increase laptop battery life

Today in this fast-changing world everybody is dependent on battery-operated devices. Mainly laptops and mobiles but mobiles have longer battery life. Laptops come with a battery life of 1-8 hours depending upon the models and their utilization. In this article, we will learn tips to increase laptop battery life.

Laptops nowadays are with lithium-ion batteries which do not require more maintenance than older batteries. Innovation in technology and firmware updates has made it possible to prevent the battery from full discharge and damage. In older versions, you had to perform full battery discharge on regular basis to calibrate batteries.

Batteries life also depends on the heating of the battery. If your battery or laptop is getting heated due to the obstruction of the ventilation path provided on side of the laptop or if your ventilation fan is blocked due to dust or other things it will affect your battery life. To avoid this consider monthly preventive maintenance and servicing of laptops.

To avoid excessive heating always use the laptop on hard and firm surfaces and never use them on the surfaces which can block the ventilation port such as bed, pillow, etc.  

If you are in business, service, or student you always rely on your laptops for your work. And if you are on a move to go somewhere and working while traveling you are always in tension with your laptop battery life. If you have urgent work and the battery is low you are in tension and search for the power outlet to charge the battery. To avoid this type of situation we can use some features to increase laptop battery life.

Adjust the battery settings

New laptops battery works as per the specification mentioned while purchasing a new laptop. But as time passes the battery starts to weaken. Laptops are designed with battery performance settings which are generally designed to increase the performance of the battery by using the minimum functionality. This setting adjusts your laptop’s setting which shifts components into low-power states and these settings also turn off unnecessary devices and minimize power consumption.  Usually, Windows laptop comes with a battery performance slider, and for the Mac users, this setting is found in the Energy saver window. If your work can be done with minimum functionality you can save your battery efficiency considerably.

Battery setting
Battery setting

Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Every component in the laptop consumes power it does not mean that every component must be on all the time. When you are working in battery mode disconnected the components like external drives, USB devices. If you are working on a battery without using the internet, Bluetooth then turn devices off to save more power. To enable and disable this component use device manager from the control panel. If you want to turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can also use the keyboard ‘Fn’ key and the top row function key marked with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi symbol.

Adjust brightness of laptop

Adjust the brightness of your laptop to lower intensity while working on battery mode. The biggest consumption of batteries is due to screen brightness. Old laptops have more consumption compared to the new laptops as they come with LED technology.

Reducing the laptop brightness can save more amount of battery life. All laptop keyboards have shortcuts to control brightness. If you press the Fn key and use the upper rows function keys you and reduce or incense the brightness of the screen, so while using battery mode you can reduce the screen brightness and save battery.

Increase laptop battery life
Increase laptop battery life

 Close Apps and programs

When you use your laptop there are many programs and apps open on the background screen which you have open for some need but after use not closed them. This type of apps and program utilizes battery power. If you search such apps and closed you can improve the efficiency and increase the laptop battery life.

Adjust Display and graphics settings.

If the laptop has a graphic chip with memory for higher graphic applications like games and designing but if you are working on battery and do not need graphic applications then instead of the graphic card you can use in build display chip. For that, you can set your graphic card program settings and allocate the graphic memory chip to video and photo editing software such as adobe Corel, etc. and assign the other software to the integrated chip in the laptop.

Disconnect unnecessary peripherals

If you are using a DVD writer and you are using your laptop on battery it will reduce your battery life as if there is a DVD in the drive it may be accessed while working, saving, or accessing the programs on the disc. Nowadays laptops do not come with inbuilt DVD writers. If you have connected any USB devices such as external Hard disk, pen drives, etc. to the laptop remove them so they will not hamper the battery power.

Don’t keep laptop on permanent charging

Laptops use Lithium-ion batteries which come with overcharging protection. you should not keep the laptop always on mains charging mode. Some laptop manufacturers provide a software utility that prevents the laptop battery from fully charging. By doing so we can decrease the degradation of the battery.

Keep a separate battery

Many times instead of searching for a power outlet when the battery gets low it is better to buy a spare battery and keep it charged so it can be easily replaced and used. While purchasing a new battery you always recommended buying an original battery, Cheaper and compatible batteries are not reliable.

Upgrade your laptop to SSD

Most laptops use mechanical hard disks for data storage, this type of hard disks have moving platters and motors which require more power wattage. If a solid-state drive is used instead of a mechanical hard disk it can increase battery efficiency of the battery.

By using the above points you can increase laptop battery life.

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